Expertise of organization

Agroscope Changins-W├Ądenswil ACW, belongs to the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture and provides technical and scientific support for efficient, sustainable and competitive agricultural production systems. ACW is a research station that focuses on basic and applied research in plant science. This research includes field crops, viticulture, horticulture, herbs and berries. ACW has numerous collaborations with national and international partners and has professional experience in FP6 and FP7 EU-projects. ACW is well-equipped with modern laboratories for both molecular and ecological work on plant pests and pathogens and biological control agents (BCAs). The nematology team (part of Zoology) consists of 1 project leader, 1 scientist and 2 technicians. The molecular diagnostics team consists of 1 group leader and two technicians.

Role in the project

EVD-ACW will take part in WP2 (Inventory), WP3 (Quality), WP4 (Access), WP5 (Info-portal), WP6 (Reference collections), WP7 (Dissemination).

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