Expertise of organization

The Russian Plant Quarantine Centre, also known as the Federal State Organisation Russian Research Institute for Plant Quarantine (FGBU VNIIKR), occupies a special position in Rosselkhoznadzor’s (the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance) organizational structure. It is both the central Russian plant protection laboratory, coordinating the well-developed network of regional branches and laboratories, and a scientific center of international importance. Being the brain centre of the Russian plant protection service, FGU VNIIKR intensively works on studying pests which are a threat to agriculture and, consequently, to Russia’s economy. Research results are embodied in scientific monographs and dozens of procedural guidelines on detection of plant pests and pathogens and their control. Also, FGU VNIIKR provides training for specialists who work even in the remotest parts of the country. Hundreds of Russian and foreign plant health and quarantine experts have taken training courses at its Training Center. From the practical point of view the scientific potential of FGU VNIIKR is fulfilled in the specialists’ routine work on controlling the safety of plant products imported into the country. Their work enables to prevent import of dozens of quarantine organism species including such hazardous ones as the Khapra beetle, the Western (Californian) flower thrips, the Mediterranean fruit fly, the Oriental fruit moth.

Role in the project

FGBU VNIIKR will participate in WP2 (Inventory), WP3 (Quality Standards), WP4 (Access), WP5 (Info-portal), WP6 (Network reference collections) and WP7 (Dissemination).

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