Q-collect questionnaire on collections

In the framework of the EU Q-collect project an inventory was organized of collections which contain plant pests, in particular quarantine organisms, their taxonomically closely related species as well as other organisms with similar diagnostic features, also called look-alikes.

The questionnaire aimed to gather information on the nature, size, content, availability, and quality of phytosanitary collections. Based on the inventory, gaps within the collections and the quality and availability of key specimens of plant health importance will be listed with a series of proposals to address them. The results of the project will be disseminated to stakeholders.

At the Q-collect Workshop organized in 2014-11-27/28 in Kleinmachnow some stakeholders asked for the reopening of the questionnaire to gather information from additional collections. The projects partners welcomed this suggestion and the questionnaire is now reopened.

The survey is now closed

Q-collect questionnaire for users of quarantine organisms

The aim of Q-collect is to develop guidelines and reference criteria for the quality, access, deposit and maintenance for important phytosanitary collections, harbouring viruses, bacteria, phytoplasmas, fungi, arthropods, nematodes and invasive plants.

The objective of the questionnaire is to make an inventory of the needs of users of such biological material (e.g. who needs what, in which format and why) leading to common proposals that meet the needs that are not currently met.

As a consequence, it is really important that you participate in this survey for the project to help provide answers to your needs.

The survey is now closed